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27 May 2022


The Government recently announced an update concerning PSVAR which will have a direct impact on Home to School travel services. Read on to find out more... WHAT IS PSVAR? Public…
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30 September 2021

Do you know precisely which children are on which buses at any given time – if not, is that a safeguarding weakness?

Bryan Login, was a Bursar, of 2 great schools, for nearly 14 years. His experience leads him to believe that parents often take the academic credentials of a school as…
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5 May 2021

Stress reduction for School heads: how to lower your blood pressure re school transport

Of all the things that used to make me anxious as a head, transport stood out from the crowd. Over my time as a teacher, a headmaster and, latterly, the…
23 February 2021

Collaboration in a post coronavirus world

School transport can work safely in a post-Covid world Our hearts are full of optimism and excitement for the future. After months of on/off lockdown, energy has been saved and…
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22 February 2021

Unique EDTech collaboration brings US levels of safety to the UK School run.

Mathew Hassell, ex CEO and founder of the UK’s leading home to school service Kura, now heads up Studentsafe, which brings US levels of service and safety to pupils travelling…