At the heart of our offering are services to safely transport children to and from school each day. Within this, we provide options to meet the differing needs of schools, ranging from Safeguarding and Tracking through to the Fully-Managed Service.


Delivering On Your Needs 

We start any conversation by getting a thorough understanding of your needs. What your school wants to achieve through a change to their transport provision. By listening and learning at this early stage, everything we do is underpinned by what you need to achieve.

Safeguarding and Tracking

Nothing is more important to us than ensuring your pupils are safe on their journey to and from school each day. Our unrivalled end-to-end safeguarding technology gives schools and parents the ability to track vehicles and pupils in real-time, to provide that all-important reassurance about passenger wellbeing.

The StudentSafe Live Service Delivery Team supports schools and parents alike. Via the dedicated StudentSafe Platform, schools are able to monitor vehicle progress in real-time and receive updates on location, including notifications of traffic issues or delays.

Meanwhile, using the StudentSafe Parent App, parents and guardians are able to:

  • Monitor their child’s journey to and from school in real-time
  • Receive delay notifications, when applicable
  • Know when their child has safely reached their final destination
  • Book journeys and make changes to bookings

This makes parents’ lives easier, as well as removing the administrative burden from school personnel.

Any parental queries about transport are managed by our Live Service Delivery team via a dedicated email address and phone number, again removing a time-consuming task from your school.

Reporting takes place on a termly basis, to ensuring that any opportunities for improvement are identified and implemented.

Fleet Management Services

For those schools running their own minibuses, we offer a Fleet Management Service.

This brings together all vehicle and driver processes into one platform, removing the administrative burden of managing these processes manually through your school’s administrative team.

We take on responsibility for ensuring that your school and its vehicles remain fully-compliant.

Fully Managed Services

With our extensive relationships with the very best operators across the UK, many schools engage StudentSafe to provide a fully-outsourced transport solution.

We start by understanding your requirements, often conducting a detailed review of your current transport provision through our Route Optimisation Services.

Having understood your needs, we thoroughly vet and ultimately select third-party transport providers and drivers to meet your needs. In selecting vehicles and drivers we conduct a rigorous process to:

  • Ensure all compliance and regulatory requirements are in place
  • Make all critical paperwork available for schools via the secure StudentSafe Platform, including operating licenses and vehicle and public liability insurance documents
  • Focus on a ‘right vehicle right route’ policy to minimise dead mileage and environmental impact
  • Where available, offer the option of ultra-low emission vehicles and electric vehicles

As a result of this operator review, we are often able to identify opportunities for significant savings. In the case of one London Prep school, we saved them £125,000/year.​ And in the case of an independent group of schools, we saved them £250,000 in year one, with a projected saving in excess of £1 million over a three-year period.

With operators in place, we allocate a dedicated StudentSafe Virtual Transport Manager to your school, to deliver seamless support. He or she is supported by the StudentSafe Live Service Delivery Team, who can be accessed by schools and parents via a dedicated email address and phone number.

With our Fully-Managed Services, schools and parents also experience the full benefit of our end-to-end Safeguarding and Tracking technology, which provides live tracking information on vehicles and pupils. Read more about the benefits of this in our Safeguarding and Tracking section above.

In addition to the day-to-day management, we conduct termly performance reviews, to identify opportunities for improvements. We continue to work with you closely to ensure your transport goals are being met and to evolve practices as your needs change over time.

What next?

We are proud to say that our case studies show the huge benefits schools experience from working with StudentSafe.

If you would like to have a conversation about reviewing your school’s Home-To-School transport, contact us to find out more.

Do you need help…

  • managing your minibus fleet?
  • managing parent communications?
  • finding the right third-party operators?
  • managing your overall transportation operation?