Games, Fixtures and Trips

We know how important in-day transportation services are to the smooth running of a school. We work with schools to safely transport pupils between school and other sites for Games, Sporting Fixtures, School Trips and Residentials.


Weekly Requirements

Many schools have ongoing transport needs – regular times each week when they need to move pupils from one site to another, and back again. This can be a huge time and cost burden for any school.

StudentSafe work with schools to identify opportunities for improvement. Having understood your in-day transportation needs, we review factors such as vehicle allocation and scheduling, to ensure your service is fully optimised.

We then use our extensive network of operators to efficiently deliver your service. We conduct a rigorous process to thoroughly vet every transport provider, to ensure all compliance and regulatory requirements are met.

As a StudentSafe school, you benefit from the support of our Live Service Delivery Team. They provide live updates about vehicle status and location, to enable your school-day to run smoothly.

In some cases, combining home-to-school transportation with daily games requirements can significantly increase efficiency. This was the situation we found with one of our groups of schools, where we are projected to save them in excess of £1 million over a three-year period. You can read more about their experience in their case study.

Ad Hoc Requirements

Managing bookings for sporting fixtures, school trips and residentials can be time consuming, as well as costly.

As a StudentSafe school, you gain access to our Trip Booker service, which seeks to make this process quicker and easier than ever before. It is a one-stop-shop to procure the very best price for transport bookings, whilst ensuring all compliance and safeguarding measures are met.

The process is simple:

  • Complete a short online form on the StudentSafe portal detailing what you need and when
  • Receive quotes from a number of pre-vetted, local operators
  • Compare options and accept a quote

On the portal, you can easily check what trips have been booked, by each member of staff, and the status of each quote or booking.

And you can have complete peace-of-mind that all of the operators are fully accredited, with the supply of operating licenses, vehicle and public liability insurance documents and driver DBS accreditation prior to trips.

All trip costs are charged on a single, monthly, itemised invoice, keeping management easy, saving you time and money.

What next?

If you would like to have a conversation about reviewing your school’s transport, contact us to find out more.

Do you need help…

  • because you have too many routes?
  • identifying if your routes are efficient?
  • reviewing your routes?
  • adding new routes and reaching new catchment areas?