Working with a large private education group, we optimised transport across six schools, making significant savings in year one, with savings over three years forecast to exceed £1 million.


Working with representatives from the group, we identified transportation priorities of safety, spending management in line with the budget and delivery of net zero targets.

We reviewed the current offering and found:

  • A disconnected approach to home-to-school transportation and daily games provision
  • Low vehicle utilisation on a number of journeys
  • Safeguarding and compliance management at an individual school level

Through in-depth analysis at both a group level and a school level, we were able to identify clear opportunities to optimise the transportation provision across all six schools. 


  • Significantly increased efficiency through cross-utilisation of vehicles, combining home-to-school with daily games transfer requirements
  • Provision of a dedicated core fleet, supported by preferred secondary contactors
  • Technology-led operational oversight enabling live vehicle tracking across all fleets
  • Effective management of services through the StudentSafe Live Service Delivery Team
  • Flexible response to changing passenger numbers/timetables through regular analysis
  • Centralisation of safeguarding and compliance
  • Service levels operating at 98% on a consistent basis
  • Total cost saving of £250,000 in year one
  • On track to deliver three-year projected savings in excess of £1 million

We are proud to say that we have been able to achieve a wide range of benefits for both the wider group and the individual schools, as well as the 1,000 pupils and their parents.

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