We worked with a London prep school to rationalise their routes, making significant cost and emission savings.


The school was running a service consisting of:

  • 14 minibus routes per day
  • Spare capacity of 48 seats
  • A projected subsidy of nearly £125,000 per year

Using sophisticated route optimisation modelling tools and a tailored parent survey, we used a data-driven approach to revolutionise the efficiency of the school’s approach to transport.

The Solution

  • 5 routes removed, with a plan to remove another 3 routes within 3 years
  • Introduction of midi-coaches
  • Journey time maintained at an average of 25 minutes
  • Walk-to-stop time average reduced by 2 minutes
  • A saving of £125,000 per year
  • A saving of 10 million grams of CO2 per year

The school has also benefited from our state-of-the art technology, which allows tracking of every vehicle and every pupil in real-time, delivering a significant safeguarding improvement.

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