Mathew Hassell

School transport can work safely in a post-Covid world

Our hearts are full of optimism and excitement for the future. After months of on/off lockdown, energy has been saved and ideas have flowered and following the outstanding success of the UK’s vaccine roll out, the green shoots of a demand led recovery are already showing through.

The last few months have given us an opportunity to stand back, take a look and think long and hard about what kind of business we want to be. Our recent experiences have shown us how important genuine business relationships are. Shared values and objectives, trust and understanding can be over used cliches but never truly lived. But, more than ever, we are going to need to believe in these ideas and act on them if we are going to recover from a year of uncertainty and despair. For example, if we can not actually reduce a schools carbon emissions, we are unlikely to waste their time. If the government has any chance of achieving its 2030 target, this is something we need to get serious about now!

We know our customers well, but they will be thinking differently now, their priorities will have changed and we need to be in tune with these changes. We do know they will require flexible solutions to which we  have applied creative thinking, we need to be humble to understand we can not deliver this on our own.

‘We are in it together’ became a catchphrase for helping the NHS cope with the virus but should be adopted as a national mantra for the recovery. Our new business has embraced the concept of collaboration fully and by doing so we have managed to achieve a genuine win-win;

  1. Our customers will receive the creative thinking and flexible solutions referred to above


  1. We will significantly involve our stakeholders and partners in at every level, so they benefit too.

We are proud of our collaborative effort so far and our commitment to each other as we have successfully combined the skills and unique experience this new world needs.  We all bring something to the table – our management  team has more than 70 years sector experience between us.  Our suppliers/partners-software and technology development, technical hardware, operational nous, educational  thought leaders and legal, financial, compliance, have expertise more normally associated with a FTSE 250 businesses, and all of this wrapped around an obsession with safety and the environment.

The sun is breaking through and we have the wind behind us.

Mathew Hassell
CEO and Founder.