School Coach

Bryan Login, was a Bursar, of 2 great schools, for nearly 14 years. His experience leads him to believe that parents often take the academic credentials of a school as a given.

What makes all the difference, and seals the deal, is the value added, the whole picture, the quality, the vision.

If a school truly cares about its pupils and the environment, then there will be evidence in every aspect of school life. The customer focus will be constantly improving and responsive, the students will be championing the environmental agenda, everything about the campus will demonstrate attention to detail.

If schools get it right, as if by magic, the school roll (and revenue) increases and the reputation of the school grows ever stronger.

To take just one example, if the transport strategy of the school is progressive and innovative, then the environmental agenda will be energised. Away with the coughing, spluttering, diesel fume, spewing minibuses and coaches (and cars) coming up the drive. Why not have an electric aspiration – if they are designing electric aeroplanes, it will not be long before electric buses (and everyone’s cars) are the norm.

Youngsters love innovation. Why not an App that tells everyone who is on the bus and where the bus is (or isn’t!) – key in complying with the school’s safeguarding responsibilities.

Studentsafe can help schools deliver a transport Vision which meets the environmental challenge whilst solving that thorny safeguarding issue.

The upside – more pupils, happy pupils, cleaner air – and contented and impressed parents.