We worked with a Welsh independent school to successfully increase passenger numbers, which helped to reduce both congestion and emissions.


The school approached us with a wish list:

  • Increase passenger numbers to reduce congestion and emissions
  • Address minibus issues, with expired leases and driver recruitment issues
  • Enhance parent experience of booking, tracking and communications
  • Upscale the provision without incurring an excessive cost increase

We carried out a targeted parent survey to identify issues and needs. We coupled this with sophisticated financial modelling based on targeted growth, alongside a data-driven route optimisation exercise.

The Solution

  • Hybrid model of internal minibuses and outsourced routes
  • Addition of a new route, previously unserved by school transport, now used by 18 pupils on a daily basis
  • New booking portal and parent app, including state-of-the-art vehicle and pupil tracking
  • A 20% increase in passenger numbers
  • An emissions saving of 32 million grams of CO2 per year

In short, every item on the school’s original wish list was delivered. A hugely successful outcome for the school, parents, pupils and wider community.

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