We have sensationally prospered since our launch this time last year, so if you do not mind a little self-indulgence, here goes with some highlights:

  • 37 Independent Schools throughout the UK have appointed us as a preferred supplier to manage home to school, fixtures and trips transport starting now and from September 2022
  • This means that from September 2022 we will be managing safe transport for more than 20,000 pupils every term
  • From September 2022, more than 50 Independent Schools will be working with us to improve safeguarding, reduce traffic and reduce their transport subsidy
  • We will be directly responsible for saving 4 million grams of CO₂ per day from the beginning of the next academic school year by introducing new bus routes and increasing the uptake on existing ones for all our customers.

All of this is just the beginning of a truly exciting journey, as we start to disrupt and change this sector once again, this time finally for the better. Unfinished business needs to be completed and we are blessed to have extremely supportive investors and expert advisors. I would like to thank my team and everyone else who has contributed to the most successful and exciting start up I have ever been involved in.


Mathew Hassell