Managed Services

The StudentSafe Platform can be managed by your internal transport team, or where this is not an option, we offer part or fully Managed Services, with your own dedicated StudentSafe ‘Virtual Transport Manager’ delivering seamless school transport.


The administration system allows authorised staff to see where school buses are, see all relevant passenger details and get an overview of the service.

Additionally, our ‘Live Service Delivery Team’ use the system to communicate with both parents and drivers and also deal with any parent queries, both during live service and outside of live service times.

They also manage the compliance aspects of your service, with access to all relevant driver, vehicle and operator documents.

Safe, Green and Connected

Do you need help…

  • with managing booking and billing tasks?
  • with managing your drivers & operators?
  • with managing compliance and safeguarding?
  • with managing parent communications ?

We offer an audit of your existing school transport that is proving to be a great help to schools. It’s a 9-point check that identifies and flags urgent and non-urgent issues.

Or if you’re thinking of redesigning or improving your home to school service, we provide expert managed solutions and can find, source and manage a new bus operator for you. Plus, we have a suite of software and technology that will remove the hours of school admin and stress, and that parents love, like our track and trace app which they can use to book and pay on, swipe on and off fobs for students and 360 safeguarding with CCTV & Wi-Fi on buses.

Reduce Subsidies


Increase Safety


Reduce Emisiions






But what makes us different?

  1. Safety. An unrivalled focus on pupil safety through swipe-on, swipe-off fobs for pupils, an easy-to-use parent tracking & booking app plus onboard Wi-Fi, CCTV and driver monitoring telematics.
  2. Environment. We are committed to helping to reduce emissions around schools by providing an exceptional service that will attract more pupils and take cars off the road. And we provide electric buses for school routes too.
  3. Cheaper. We are totally flexible. You can build the product around your needs not ours and keep your operator if you want to. Plus, you’ll see subsidies reduce as we attract more pupils to use the service.
  4. Easier. Parents can book and pay using the app and contact our helpline directly if they have any issues, saving you time. Our software has been designed to be easy-to-use and it can be integrated with all key school management systems, making it a seamless process.
StudentSafe Software and Apps